Police Officer and Crowd on Grand Street


Community Service Society of New York (Former owner,Issuing body)
Police Officer and Crowd on Grand Street
#730 Unknown Photographer Looking west on Grand Street from between Eldridge and Forsyth Streets. The El in the background is the Third Avenue. The only building still standing(1970)is the Columbia Apartments, the building with the white trim (built 1901, white trim pretty dingy today), left background, behind the Adler Theatre sign, southwest corner of Christie and Grand. The buildings on the left (USH Shoes through Adler Theatre, east side of Chrystie and west side of Forsyth) and the corresponding buildings on the other side of the street were torn down when the Sarah Delano Roosevelt Park was built in the 1930's. In fact, all of the buildings from the Manhattan Bridge (Canal Street) to East Houston on the east side of Chrystie and the west side of Forsyth were torn down to make way for the park. Apparently the picture was taken at the time of an accident. Since it is snowing, the street car may have swerved on slippery rails, it would not be turning around as street cars on Grand Street ran from river to river to connect with the ferries to New Jersey and Brooklyn. Also, the unusual number of policemen, four in the crowd at the right, indicate an accident. This picture was taken no earlier than 1910, the year policemen changed from wearing helmets(see #382 )to the caps worn here. According to a neighborhood resident the crowd of young boys in the center are coming from a Yeshiva - he said you could "tell by their caps."
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Community Service Society records
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Box no. 296, Folder no. 16, Photograph no. 730
Streets; Storefronts; Police; Men; Horses; Crowds; Carriages and carts; Cable cars (Streetcars); Buildings; Accidents; New York (N.Y.); Lower East Side (New York, N.Y.)
between 1910 and 1950
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Date inferred from description sheet and the date range (1879-1950) of the photographic portion of the Community Service Society Collection.
Photographer unknown.
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Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
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