Children Dancing


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Children Dancing
#384 Unknown Photographer In testimony taken in 1905 in connection vith the Mayor's Push-Cart Commission,* Mr. Weinstein, a member of the Commission, asked Mr. Magidoff, City Editor of the Jewish Morning Journal: Mr. W. Which do you think is the more important, the health of the children and their comfort, or the push-cart industry? Mr. M. A great many accidents occur in the streets because childre n play there. Mr. W. Isn't it so, because the driver has trouble dodging the push-carts? Don't you remember about five years ago when the streets there [Lower East Side] were asphalted and the children played and used to dance there on the street? * "Report of the Mayor's Push-Cart Commission," City of Nev York, 1906, Appendix VTI, Testimony Taken at the Public Hearing, April 13, 1905, page 206. See also #2839. Note: This picture has "children dancing" written on the back but no further identifying information. It is, therefore, conjecture that it may have been taken in connection with the Push-Cart Commission Report.
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Box no. 296, Folder no. 41, Item no. 1265, Photograph no. 384
Streets; Men; Girls; Dance; Children; Buildings; New York (N.Y.)
circa 1905
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Date from description sheet.
Photographer unknown.
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