The Seymour B. Durst Old York Library project is made possible by generous support from:

We are grateful to our talented project team for their generous collaboration, inspired creativity, and ongoing commitment to the project:

  • Seymour B. Durst Old York Library Project Development team:
    • Project director: Carole Ann Fabian
    • Project manager: Leo Stezano
    • Project curator: Chris Sala
  • Project Steering Committee:
    • Kitty Chibnik (Head, Avery Library Access Services)
    • Stephen Davis (Director, Libraries Digital Programs Division)
    • Carole Ann Fabian (Director, Avery Library & Project Director)
    • Janet Gertz (Director, Preservation and Reformatting Division)
    • Kate Harcourt (Director, Original and Special Materials Cataloging)
    • Chris Sala (Architecture Librarian & Project Curator)
    • Leo Stezano (Project Manager)

Collection management: Bill Austin, Kitty Chibnik, Misha Harnick, Zak Rouse

Conservation: Alexis Hagadorn, Vasare Rastonis

Curatorial: Brooke Baldeschwiler, Roberto Ferrari, Teresa Harris, Lena Newman, Chris Sala, Carolyn Yerkes

Data creation & management: Everett Allgood, Terence Catapano, Fran Adams, Gary Bertchume, Roberta Blitz, Ryan Graham, Kate Harcourt, Shelley Hayreh, Irena Kandarasheva, Gabriella Karl-Johnson, Erin Leach, Stuart Marquis, Carol Pardo, Robert Rendell, Melanie Wacker

Digitization: Janet Gertz, Emily Holmes, Dave Ortiz, Dwight Primiano

Web team: Ben Armintor, Stephen Davis, Eric O'Hanlon, E. Ryerson

Project consultants: Kate Ascher, Kenneth Crews, Andrew Dolkart, Aline Locascio, Thomas Mellins, Janet Parks, Jeremiah Trinidad-Christensen