1001 afternoons in New York

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1001 afternoons in New York
Alternative Titles
Thousand and one afternoons in New York
One thousand and one afternoons in New York
One thousand one afternoons in New York
Hecht, Ben, 1894-1964
Grosz, George, 1893-1959
Viking Press: New York. 1941
Physical Description
370 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
New York (N.Y.) > Fiction.
New York (N.Y.)
Afternoon of an author -- Feast of the bums -- A diplomat spikes a cannon -- Scoop -- The fable of Hymie Weinberg -- Go, scholar-gypsy! -- Not quite Paradise -- Good-by to an old man -- How do you do? -- Open letter to Mr. Churchill -- Obit for nobody -- A poet out of yesterday -- Four rabbis speak -- A maverick from movie land -- Wreath for a little girl -- The bewitched tailor -- Hand me me sword -- Tale of the wolf -- Midnight geometry -- Three without a story -- Don Harpo de la Mancha -- I want to go home -- Run, sheep, run! -- Prayer to someone -- Sun-kissed red-makers -- Dog eat dog -- A Frenchman I know -- Murder in Broome Street -- A handful of Don Quixotes -- Darkness at all times -- Mishkin's Soul of man -- An apple blossom falls -- No casting -- Echoes from a rubbish-heap -- The other cheek -- Ballad of dead reporters -- My tribe is called Israel -- Poor people -- A school of fish -- The pogrom comes to Mr. Isaacs -- Hitler's lost cause -- Nude on rocks -- Evening in ermine -- His real name is legion -- A Red herring comes to bat -- Tomorrow's tintype -- Lindy flies again -- Miracle on WHN -- A d'Artagna of the scalpel -- Letter to an anti-Semite -- The ceiling fell on her head -- Hello, Central, give me Heaven -- Birth of a Nazi -- A dead Irishman speaks -- Greenwich Village tombstone -- Nine little weeds -- Lord Jim of the Bronx -- My staff entertains -- A Paganini of the gutter -- The Galdston taboo -- An unsuccessful crucifixion -- Feast of the dying -- Birth of a legend -- By the fountain -- Man with a face -- Our last ghost -- Johnny, get your gun -- Evolution of a hero -- A dodo still chirps -- Joe Schenck of Hollywood -- Tale of a midget -- A la Troisiène Avenue -- The fatal truth -- Club 118 -- P.S. The baby was saved -- Hand back those bay leaves -- Homeward bound -- Minutes of the Fortean Society -- Forgive me for sighing -- I want the Nobel Prize -- Pavane for a dead pudding -- The bum's rush for Allah -- The last rose of summer, John -- A brief for Humpty Dumpty -- Essay on kettledrummers -- These were once conquerors -- Testament of a reporter.
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