Document, 1794 August 06

Document, 1794 August 06
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Public Records Office, Image Library, National Archives, United Kingdom
Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Author)
Grenville, Lord (Addressee)
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Papers of John Jay
1794 August 06
Physical Description
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783; Jay, John, 1745-1829
Encloses copy of "outlines for a convention and a treaty of commerce." Suggests that it would be "very desirable that it may be concluded in season to arrive about the 1st of November." Enclosed paper: Questions on U.S. boundary to be settled by commission. Britain will withdraw all troops and garrisons from U.S. territory by 1 June 1795. Britain will grant compensation for vessels and property of Americans captured or confiscated illegally--amount to be determined by commission. Commission to be appointed to settle amount due British creditors of American debtors; U.S. will make satisfaction. U.S. shipping to be admitted to West Indies under certain conditions. U.S. and British ports to be open to each other's shipping. British goods to be admitted to American ports and American goods into British ports subject to customary duties. Additional articles to be negotiated to made such duties reciprocal. When Britain at war, no prizes taken from Great Britain shall be sold in U.S. (when U.S. is neutral) and vice versa. If Britain and U.S. at war, no privateers shall be commissioned and "merchants and others residing in each other's countries shall be allowed nine months to retire with their effects, and shall not be liable to capture on their way home to their respective countries." British subjects who hold lands in U.S. and Americans who hold land in Britain may hold and assign the land as they please "in like manner as if they were natives..." Debts due from nationals of one country to nationals of another and stocks held in banks or funds of one by citizens of the other are not to be confiscated in time of war although payment may be suspended during the hostilities.