Document, 1777 February 08


Document, 1777 February 08
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Washington, George, 1732-1799 (Author)
Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Addressee)
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Papers of John Jay
1777 February 08
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United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783; Jay, John, 1745-1829
Acknowledges receipt of 22 and 25 January. Washington had no other reason for mentioning the detention of some of the Continental clothing in New York than to show that he was not playing favorites. Mr. [Hugh] Hughes, Assistant Quartermaster General, will distribute clothing to regiments in need of it. Washington would be unhappy to think that his letter could be construed as a hint that he is reprimanding the committee for interference in military matters. Because of his fears for Fort Ticonderoga, Washington intends to defend it with troops from New Hampshire and Massachusetts Bay. General Howe already has all the information he needs. The committee was right, therefore, in refusing permission to Howe's Commissary of Prisoners, Loring, to give Canadian prisoners safe conduct home, for this would have offered them ample opportunity for spying. Drft, in hand of George Johnston.