[Document, 1832 January 02]


[Document, 1832 January 02]
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Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851 (Author)
Jay, Peter A. (Peter Augustus), 1776-1843 (Addressee)
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Papers of John Jay
January 02, 1832
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United States--History--1783-1865; Jay, John, 1745-1829
Offers to buy wine for him as duties will be reduced under the new treaty. Will send a Rembrandt copy made by Mr. Nurse; has bought for $8 a portrait of a woman of the time of Louis XIV, artist undetermined. The political atmosphere grows dark: Russia supports Holland, Austria and Prussia lean the same way, England affects to cling to France but would gladly see Belgium subject to Holland. If unsupported, Belgium would fall in a war between the two, could be overrun in six weeks. Does not believe Louis Philippe will reign three years. In England the aristocracy have pushed oppression beyond endurance and the people have gained too much to be satisfied now. Ireland is vilely governed. Describes changing views toward America in England and France. Louis Philippe loses favor every day. Relates scandal of the suicide of the Duc of Bourbon and resulting trial. Has just published a book and is printing another. Proposes "laying the scenes of half a dozen more tales" in Europe. Outlines plans for future books based on his travels. Family news.