[Document, 1719 March 01]


[Document, 1719 March 01]
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Papers of John Jay
March 01, 1719
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United States--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775; Jay, John, 1745-1829
According to an already confirmed act of the General Assembly of New Jersey, George I appoints John Johnston and George Willocks Commissioners of the Eastern Division of New Jersey, Joseph Kirkbride and John Reading Commissioners of the Western Division, and James Alexander Surveyor General of both Divisions to work in conjunction with the Commissioners and Surveyor(s) for the State of New York to determine the boundary between New York and New Jersey. They should survey the northernmost branch of the Delaware in the latitude of 41 degrees 40' and that part of the west side of the Hudson River in the latitude of 41 degrees, and mark a straight line between the two points. Their surveys should be certified and given to the Governor of the Province of New Jersey, to be filed and recorded in the Secretary's Office of New Jersey. From the Public Records of the Province of New Jersey. Examined by Bowes Reed and John Thomson. Entered before the Commission to settle the boundary between New York and New Jersey 2 August 1769.