Document, 1671 June 14

Document, 1671 June 14
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New-York Historical Society
Carr, John (Author)
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Papers of John Jay
1671 June 14
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United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783; Jay, John, 1745-1829
The inhabitants of the town of Newcastle may erect a blockhouse for their common defense. No vessel shall be permitted to go up the Delaware river above Newcastle without orders. No persons in Delaware shall be permitted to distill liquors without giving their names to the officers at Newcastle and paying one guilder per can for all strong liquors. These payments shall be used for the repair of the new blockhouse or some other public work. The confirmation of all past and present land grants is ordered on the same terms as those of the rest of the planters on the Delaware River under the protection of the Duke of York; that is, that they settle on their land within a convenient time, that they maintain a house lot in the town or towns erected for their mutual defense. Before any absolute grant of land is made, a request must be made to the Governor, who will order the land surveyed and certified. In the meantime, applications for land should be encouraged and applicants should be made acquainted with this order. The mill should be let out to some person who will operate it. The unused pair of millstones should be taken out of the mud and preserved until further order. The sale of liquor or strong drink to the Indians is left to the discretion of the officers. The care of the fort and its materials is to be left to the discretion of Captain Carr and the rest of the officers. From the New York Secretary's Office, Lib. Third Entries, 387 f. Examined by Goldsbrow Banyar. Entered before the Commission to settle the boundary between New York and New Jersey 31 July 1769.