[Document, 1668 April 21]


[Document, 1668 April 21]
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Nicolls, Richard, 1624-1672 (Author)
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Papers of John Jay
April 21, 1668
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United States--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775; Jay, John, 1745-1829
Provides for the establishment in Delaware of a garrison with one commissioned officer and twenty men. The commissioned officer should obtain provisions for the men, lodge them within the fort, and have them keep up the stockades for defense. Two thirds of the men should be on duty at all times. Civil government shall be continued until further notice. To prevent all abuses or oppositions in civil magistrates so often as complaints are made, the commissioned officer, Captain Carr[e], shall appoint Hans Block, Israel Holme, Peter Rambo, Peter Cook, and Peter Aldrick, or any two of them as councilors to hear, advise and determine by majority vote what is just, equitable, and necessary in the cases in question. These persons, who must take an oath to His Royal Highness [the Duke of York], shall also decide what is to be done in case of difficulty with the Indians, and shall give advice and orders for arming any of the several plantations. Planters must obey their summons upon such occasions. Newly established laws should be communicated to these councilors and all others. No offensive war shall be made against the Indians without directions from the Governor. In all matters of difficulty and importance, appeal should be made to the Governor and Council at New York. From the New York Secretary's Office Lib. Second Entries, 207 f. Examined by Goldsbrow Banyar. Entered before the Commission to settle the boundary between New York and New Jersey 31 July 1769.