Document, 1675 September 23

Document, 1675 September 23
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New-York Historical Society
Andros, Edmund, Sir, 1637-1714 (Author)
Mamahackickan (Author)
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Papers of John Jay
1675 September 23
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United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783; Jay, John, 1745-1829
In exchange for a sum of wampum and other goods in an annexed schedule, the Sachems and Indians hereby acknowledge that they are fully satisfied for themselves and all others concerned, their heirs, and successors, and grant to Edmond Andros, for and on behalf of the Duke of York, all the land lying west of the Delaware beginning at a creek next to the cold spring above Matinicom Island about eight or nine miles below the falls and as far above the falls as below, together with all the islands except Peter Alrick's island. Any persons admitted to the land by the Governor or his successors shall be allowed full, peaceable and quit possession of the land by the Indians. Signed by mark by Mamahackickan et al, and Mathian Nicolls et al. From the New York Secretary's Office, Lib Records both foreign and domestic begun 4 November 1674, 57 f. Entered before the Commission for settling the boundary between New York and New Jersey 1 August 1769.