[Document, 1769 December 11]


[Document, 1769 December 11]
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Papers of John Jay
December 11, 1769
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United States--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775; Jay, John, 1745-1829
On 8 December, the meeting was adjourned to Dec 9, leisure there was no quorum. On 9 December, the meeting was adjourned to 11 December, for lack of a quorum present. On 11 December, there still being no prospect of quorum, the four commissioners thought it unnecessary to remain any longer in Hartford. Because the business was still unfinished, and leisure both colonies were still interested in the speedy determination of the controversy, the commission decided to receive appeals and transmit the proceedings to His Majesty in Council. The agents of both provinces then gave the commissioners their appeals. New York's, dated 7 October 1769, called the decision of the Commissioners highly prejudicial to the interests of the Crown and to a number of people holding patents under the New York government. New Jersey's appeal, dated 4 December 1769, objected to that part of the commissioners' determination which fixes the boundary of New Jersey at a point on the Delaware or Fish Kill in the latitude of 41 degrees 27' 37." The Commissioners adjourned to the Chamber of Commerce in New York City to meet on 4 July 1770. They ordered the clerk to serve notices in writing of the adjournment to two of the agents of both colonies. In John Jay's hand. Signed by Andrew Elliot, Andrew Oliver, Charles Morris, and Jared Ingersoll.