An online presentation of the 1322 photographs, 124 postcards, 388 negatives, and 34 glass plate negatives/lantern slides, which derive from the G.E.E. Lindquist Papers archival collection at The Burke Library. They depict the people, places, and practices of Native Americans and their communities from at least 34 States, plus Canada and Mexico in the period from 1909-1953. The majority of the images were taken by G. E. E. Lindquist (1886-1967), an itinerant representative of the ecumenical Home Missions Council of the Federal Council of Churches.

Inclusive Editing of Harmful Language in Descriptions

This digital collection was originally cataloged using the Library of Congress Subject Headings, a controlled standardized vocabulary commonly applied by libraries and archives. It has been recognized that this vocabulary is problematic in its application to Native American, First Nations', and indigenous peoples' history and culture. An effort to update the terminology and the general descriptions used within this digital project, as well as a larger effort by the Library of Congress to update outdated and harmful terminology within its vocabulary, are underway. We acknowledge that our efforts to address harmful language and omissions in resource descriptions are ongoing and imperfect. We invite feedback and continued dialogue, and can be contacted via the feedback link in the footer below.

For additional information, please see also Columbia University Libraries'Statement on Inclusive Editing of Harmful Language in Library and Archival Descriptions.