Oral history interview with B. D. Wong 1992


Wong, B. D (Interviewee)
Sessions, Catherine (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with B. D. Wong 1992
SIDE A: Childhood; Initial experiences with acting, high school theatre; Family, parents' support for career, brothers, School, study ethics, theatre work in high school, peers, involvement in speech and forensics, National Forensics League, influence on career; San Francisco State University, work at Golden Gate Theater; Move to New York; First Broadway work in La Cage aux Folles; Move to L.A.; Fi rst interest in TV and film; Acting classes, Donald Hotten, acting technique, thoughts on philosophy of acting; Racial barrier, treatment of Asian-American actors in industry; Play: M Butterfly, Goals for acting career; Involvement in acting organizations, Committee on Racial Equality, Equity Council; Miss Saigon controversy, Asian Pacific Alliance for Creative Equality; Non-traditional casting, influence of media on race. SIDE B: Thoughts on personal career, casting; Role in M. Butterfly, influence of role on career; Film roles after M. Butterfly, The Freshman, Father of the Bridge; Theatre roles, Bondage. Retrospective on career and roles; Crossover between theatre and film; Audition process, casting directors; Aspirations for future, new production company; Choice of roles, conflict of personal and financial considerations for roles, creative challenges; Financial considerations, awards or grants; Interaction with public; Work in Peter Pan; Thoughts on critical review of work, critics; Thoughts on success; Thoughts on most satisfying work in career; Advice to young actors.
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Research Center for Arts and Culture Oral History Collection
Actors; Acting--United States; Wong, B. D., 1936-
oral histories
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100 pages; sound files : digital preservation master, WAV files (96kHz, 24 bit)
Interviewed by Catherine Sessions on July 29, 1992.
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B. D. Wong, Gift 1993
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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