Composers' Forum concert, 1961 March 11


Beardslee, Bethany (Singer)
Driscoll, Loren (Singer)
Levy, Gerardo (Instrumentalist)
Cole, Robert (Bassoonist) (Instrumentalist)
Klein, Fred E (Instrumentalist)
Zaslav, Bernard (Instrumentalist)
Steinbock, Evalyn (Instrumentalist)
Melatti, Nicholas (Instrumentalist)
Broughton, Alan (Pianist) (Instrumentalist)
Lundy, Joyce (Narrator)
Ajemian, Anahid (Instrumentalist)
Rogers, Bruce (Cellist) (Instrumentalist)
Smith, William O. (William Overton), 1926-2020 (Instrumentalist)
Carno, Zita (Instrumentalist)
Overton, Hall, 1920-1972 (Moderator)
Spies, Claudio
Composers Forum Concerts Collection
Composers' Forum concert, 1961 March 11
Collection Name
Composers Forum Concerts Collection
Sacred vocal duets with instrumental ensemble; Vocal duets with instrumental ensemble; Choruses, Sacred (Women's voices) with piano; Psalms (Music); Quartets (Piano, clarinet, violin, cello); Clarinet and electronic music; Bible. Ruth
music; sound recordings
Sacred music; Art music; Chamber music; Live sound recordings; Musical settings
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1 online resource (3 audio files) : WAV
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Digitization funded by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections
Note (Language)
Vocal works sung in Latin and English.
Concert of instrumental and vocal compositions by Claudio Spies and William O. Smith, including audience discussion with the composers; moderator, Hall F. Overton.
Description derived from original container and the concert program; the order of works on the audio file may differ from that given in the concert program.
File name: RBML_ComposersForum_19610311_7976658.
Digitized by George Blood Audio, Philadelphia, 2011.
Service copy (44.1 kHz, 16 bit) of sound file derived from a digital preservation master digitized at 96 kHz, 24 bit.
Recorded at the Donnell Library, New York, N.Y
file 01. Five psalms for soprano, tenor, and six instruments (1959) (Bethany Beardslee, soprano ; Loren Driscoll, tenor ; Gerardo Levy, flute ; Robert Cole, bassoon ; Fred Klein, horn ; Bernard Zaslav, viola ; Evalyn Steinbock, cello ; Nicholas Melatti, mandolin) ; Seven canons for soprano, tenor, and 3 instruments (1959) (Bethany Beardslee, soprano ; Loren Driscoll, tenor ; Gerardo Levy, flute ; Robert Cole, bassoon ; Alan Broughton, piano) ; Verses from the "Book of Ruth" (1959) (Women's Chorus from Swarthmore College ; Bethany Beardslee, soprano ; Joyce Lundy, narrator ; Alan Broughton, piano) / Claudio Spies -- file 02. Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (1958) (Anahid Ajemian, violin ; Bruce Rogers, cello ; W.O. Smith, clarinet ; Zita Carno, piano) ; Improvisation for clarinet and recorded clarinet (1961) (W.O Smith, clarinet) / William O. Smith -- file 03. Discussion with William O. Smith & Claudio Spies
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Gabe M. Wiener Music & Arts Library, Columbia University
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Psalms; Canons, voices (2), piano, flute, bassoon; Verses from the book of Ruth; Quartet, piano, clarinet, violin, cello; Improvisation, clarinet, tape
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