Oral history interview with Lisa Young 1991


Young, Lisa (Interviewee)
Friedman, Zoe (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Lisa Young 1991
SIDE A: Childhood experiences in the arts, parents, brother's career as sculpture, grade school education, grade school art classes, preferred art materials and forms, becoming an artist, undergraduate education, graduate education, mentors, influential college professor, work habits and mental discipline, training and preparation for career as an artist, future goals, thoughts on the meaning of su ccess, feelings on the unionization for artists, first professional recognition as an artist, Kathy Holbright, David Ross, Museum School, peers in the art world, occupation versus career, work as secretary, job history, reflections on career choices. SIDE B: Reflections on sexism and gender distinctions in undergraduate education, major turning points in career, relationship to work and finances, importance of work space and living space on career, happiness as an artist, criteria for success as an artist, central ideas in artistic work, satisfaction with artistic career, frustrations with work in the studio, reflections on greatest success and greatest disappoint in career, effect of marketplace on work, thoughts on art schools, advice for younger artists.
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Research Center for Arts and Culture Oral History Collection
Artists--Job satisfaction; Art--Economic aspects; Young, Lisa
oral histories
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67 pages; sound files : digital preservation master, WAV files (96kHz, 24 bit)
Interviewed by Zoe Friedman on July 13, 1991.
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Lisa Young, Gift 1991
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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