Oral history interview with Russell Chatham 1990


Chatham, Russell (Interviewee)
Greeley, Mary (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Russell Chatham 1990
SIDE A: Initial experiences with art; childhood: family, parents' occupations; education: art classes; first experiences with oil paints; drawing: drawing sessions; becoming an 'professional artist'; education at a junior college; early struggles with work; first marriage; influence of friends and colleagues; mentors and role models; discouragements in early career; discussion of painting materials : oil paints, printmaking; choosing to devote full-time to painting; relationship to artists' organizations: thoughts on unionization of artists. SIDE B: First professional recognition; artistic peers; thoughts on occupation versus career; work as writer; moving to Montana; patterns/periods in artistic work; barriers/setbacks in career; thoughts on success in the arts; major turning points in career: Tom McGuane; relationship to finances throughout career; costs of supporting yourself as an artist; thoughts on physical location and work space; interactions with public; criteria for success; ideas/themes in work: landscapes; critical review of work; opportunity to paint for the White House: George Bush; major frustrations in career; effect of marketplace on work; changes in materials during career: cadmium paints; advice for young artists.
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Research Center for Arts and Culture Oral History Collection
Painters; Chatham, Russell
oral histories
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100 pages; sound files : digital preservation master, WAV files (96kHz, 24 bit)
Interviewed by Mary Greeley on November 15, 1990.
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Russell Chatham, Gift 1991
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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