Dharamsala shoot


McLagan, Meg (Director,Producer)
Amendola, Barbara Banks (Director,Producer)
Jetsun Pema, 1940- (Interviewee)
Taklha, Namgyal Lhamo (Interviewee)
Dharamsala shoot
Hi-8 videotapes; raw footage of interviews with young Tibetan children who crossed the Himalayas, Jetsun Pema, Namlha Taklha, scenes of Dharamsala, etc.
Collection Name
Meg McLagan Collection: The Tibet Movement in Exile, 1989-2003
Archival Context
Series IV: Tibet in Exile Files related to the production of the documentary. Box no. 23, Item no. 2
Tibetans; Human rights; Refugees, Tibetan; Political refugees; Governments in exile; Documentary films--Production and direction; Tibet Autonomous Region (China); Himalaya Mountains Region; India; Dharmsāla (India)
video recordings
Documentary films; Interviews
1990 February-March
Physical Description
17 video files (part 1: 64 minutes, part 2: 62 minutes, part 3: 59 minutes, part 4: 59 minutes, part 5: 60 minutes, part 6: 66 minutes, part 7: 64 minutes, part 8: 64 minutes, part 9: 64 minutes, part 10: 58 minutes, part 11: 53 minutes, part 12: 58 minutes, part 13: 59 minutes, part 14: 56 minutes, part 15: 62 minutes, part 16: 59 minutes, part 17: 51 minutes)
Original format: Hi8
English; Tibetan
Library Location
C.V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University
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