Oral history interview with Just Faaland, 2001


Faaland, Just (Interviewee)
Emmerij, Louis (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Just Faaland, 2001
Middle-class childhood in Norway, observations of 1930s depression, studied math and economics, outbreak of WWII, imprisonment in Buchenwald for being a student, return to Norway at the end of war, marriage and child. Continued education at Oxford; history and politics of Norway, memories of establishment of UN, introduction to international economics; 1948: started work at OEEC in Paris, work with Marshall Plan, post-WWII introduction to and interest in development economics. 1952: Christian Michelsens Institute, Bergen, 1950s: advisor in Costa Rica, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Studies on development pags. Impressions of Prebisch, ul-Huq, Tinbergen. 1970s: work with ILO and WEP, World Bank, NIEO. Later work: thoughts on UN issue-based conferences, experiences with Norwgian government, work with Development Centre and agricultural issues, global network of institutions, future for ideas and institutions, both within and outside of UN. Current interests including Malaysia and Malaysian economic development, Bangladeshi development, ethnic diversity, human rights, free trade, next one hundred years of UN, importance of modest predictions
Collection Name
United Nations intellectual history project (UNIHP)
Development economics; Economic development; International economic relations; Agriculture and state--Norway; Free trade; Malaysia Economic conditions; Bangladesh Economic conditions; Faaland, Just; United Nations Officials and employees; United Nations History; Organisation for European Economic Co-operation; Chr. Michelsens institutt; International Labour Organisation; World Employment Programme; World Bank; NIEO Network (Norway)
oral histories; sound recordings
Note (Biographical)
United Nations--Resident Advisor to Pakistan, Malaysia, and World Bank
Interviewed by Louis Emmerij on September 12, September 13, and September 14, 2001
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Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Gift, 2009
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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