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Account book of slave tradi...
Aepitoma Omnis Phylosophiae...
Algorithmus Integrorum cum ...

4. Algorithmus Integrorum cum Probis Annexis

Widmann, Johannes, approximately 1460-approximately 1500
American Instructor: or, Yo...
American Penman, Comprising...
Amherst Class of 1876

9. Amherst Class of 1876

Amherst College
Announcement of Education o...

10. Announcement of Education of Chaucer

Oxford University Press
Arithmetic Exercises from M...

11. Arithmetic Exercises from Manuscript Sum Book

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Arithmetiqve made easie

12. Arithmetiqve made easie

Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656
Ars Grammatica

13. Ars Grammatica

Diomedes (Grammarian), active 4th century
Ars Minor

14. Ars Minor

Donatus, Aelius
Ars Minor

15. Ars Minor

Donatus, Aelius
Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Man...

16. Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Mans Treasury

Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675
Atlas des Enfans, ou, Nouve...
Autograph letter by George ...
Bibliotheca Columbiana: Num...

19. Bibliotheca Columbiana: Number 1, April 1933

Friends of the Columbia Libraries
Bibliotheca Columbiana: Num...

20. Bibliotheca Columbiana: Number 4, August 1937

Friends of the Columbia Libraries