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Document, 1769 September 1

1. Document, 1769 September 1

  • Name: Budd, Richard (Author) Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Author) Livingston, Robert R. (Author) Kempe, John Tabor (Addressee) Tomkins, Joseph (Addressee)
  • Date: 1769 September 1
  • Summary: File Papers for the case of Richard Budd v. Joseph Tompkins. On September 1, 1769, Tomkins, Joshua Barns, Abraham Gedney, James McChain, and John Bates made an agreement with Budd. An action of trespass in which Jay and Livings...
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Document, 1771 December 27

2. Document, 1771 December 27

  • Name: Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Author) Kempe, John Tabor (Addressee)
  • Date: 1771 December 27
  • Summary: Jay thinks the charge of a certain Faulkner's robbing a company no more than a breach of trust. Wants to try to recover damages on other counts. The information of a partnership should not appear in the declaration. A Mr. Bloom...
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Document, 1772 January 02

3. Document, 1772 January 02

  • Name: Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Author) Kempe, John Tabor (Addressee)
  • Date: 1772 January 02
  • Summary: Jay suggests that Kempe is withholding information from him because of a supposed defect in constitution or inaccuracy in mode of expression and think she has fixed his resentment on objects too trifling to merit serious consid...
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Document, 1775 n.d.

4. Document, 1775 n.d.

  • Name: Brower, Jeremiah (Author) Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Author) Kempe, John Tabor (Addressee) Rapalje, John (Addressee)
  • Date: 1775 n.d.
  • Summary: Papers relating to the case of John Rapalje v. Jeremiah Brower, filed in the New York Supreme Court at various dates in 1775. John Tabor Kempe was the attorney for Rapalje and Jay represented Brown. The Plea was one of trespass...
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