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[Document, 1736 August 23]

1. [Document, 1736 August 23]

  • Name: Bayard, Balthazar (Author) Jay, Peter (Addressee)
  • Date: August 23, 1736
  • Summary: Sent a present of fish, jam and oil, to be split by Peter Jay and Mr. Noble. Also sent a barrel of mackerel to his mother, who will send a dozen of the best to Peter. Asks for his tuberoses and seed. Sends cousinly love from his family to Jay's.
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[Document, 1737 May 06]

2. [Document, 1737 May 06]

  • Name: Bayard, Balthazar (Author) Jay, Peter (Addressee)
  • Date: May 06, 1737
  • Summary: Received the tuberoses and seeds, thanks for sending them. Bayard's brother James just arrived from Lisbon and is about to go to Holland.
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[Document, 1738 November 09]

3. [Document, 1738 November 09]

  • Name: Bayard, Balthazar (Author) Jay, Peter (Addressee)
  • Date: November 09, 1738
  • Summary: Would be glad to carry on a small trade from Boston to New York, if he can be of service to Peter Jay. Bayard's brother James was to arrive from St. Christopher, but has not arrived. Has heard of a hurricane and fears bad news, either for his brother ...
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